Your Favourite Coffee Says A Lot About You

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Your Favourite Coffee Says A Lot About You

If you don’t know by now, many of your favorite things represent you and your character. It can be fashion, aesthetic, or music. When something becomes your favorite and attractive to you, it says a lot about you and in some ways represents you. Even when it comes to your favorite coffee, your favorite go-to says a lot about your personality and traits.

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When it comes to coffee, most of the time you will be labeled as a morning grunge or moody person, but the thing is drinking coffee has actually proven to reduce morning headaches and calms down the tense muscles. Coffee has the sweet-bitter taste that actually does represent someone, for example when a person has a resting face but actually is in a good mood.

A regular coffee person says that they are having the regular routine on. They just need this coffee to give them a little boost. A person who adds sugar to their regular coffee says that they need more energy to face their day and to function since they didn’t get enough sleep during the night. A regular iced coffee person has a high metabolism and has been doing their morning exercise, thus they need some ice to boost their immune system and to cool down their muscles. All in all, a regular coffee person is someone who has healthy habits and is having a healthy lifestyle. Also, studies have shown, hard-working people drink regular coffee simply and the industry that has coffee addicts is the software industry, like MLM softwares, digital software, and other computer software. Even software students drink a lot of coffee.

A black coffee person is a serious person and has a lot of things to deal with. They also will be drinking their black coffee slow because they are using their energy for important things. An ice black coffee person is a person that you don’t want to piss or even get into the territory with. They just want to be left alone. Probably going through a bad day. Usually, this black coffee revolves around the law departments or teachers.

A cappuccino person is someone who likes a little spice, they are very spontaneous and are unique. They are not shy from being different and sometimes, they can get a little bouje. This can be an accountant, designers, and influencers. Latte, on the other hand, is someone that is addicted to coffee and will be having another one, maybe another after that. This person is a workaholic and wants to get their things done. Latte persons usually will be writers, engineers, and managers.

An espresso shot person, well you just like to go wild, don’t you? They are very fierce and very extroverted. Very playful and like to prove that they can go beyond the ordinary. An americano person, well they are chill and are wise, they are the grown-up version of an espresso shot. Mixing ice in any of these drinks just shows that they are ready to face any problem and they are going to work till the next day. This coffee person is probably from the medical industry, police department, and fire departments.

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