What is the concrete cure product?

man pouring water on concrete - What is the concrete cure product?

What is the concrete cure product?

Concrete curing is a technique that protects your concrete during the drying period. It has many advantages in terms of resistance but also in terms of aesthetics.

As long as the setting phenomenon is not complete, the concrete remains vulnerable, in particular to sunlight, winds and bad weather. The idea is to avoid cracking or drying out in places of low resistance.

A specific mode of application is used in order to carry out the operation. What is the actual cure product? How to apply it?

What are the advantages? How much will it cost? Read in the following lines.

What is the concrete cure product?

The curing product is a liquid that is sprayed onto the surface of the concrete in order to prevent it from cracking after drying out. The cement products malaysia on the surface forms a tight film that prevents water evaporation and protects the mortar for the number of days required.

It is a solution that is both simple and practical. Applying to internal and external works, it is an effective technique especially for horizontal surfaces which present more risk of evaporation.

Add a cure to the concrete surface just after pouring to limit desiccation. This limitation is valid from the setting phase of the concrete until the hardening.

The product creates an impermeable layer on the surface of the concrete. Even if it has been neglected for a long time, the cure is becoming more and more used by professionals and individuals thanks to its efficiency and simplicity.

The curing product is composed of an organic solvent called a vehicle, a polymer resin called a binder and possibly titanium dioxide. Taking into account the protection of the environment, most of the curing products are biodegradable.

What is the role of curing concrete?

In order for concrete to be workable, the mixture must have a certain amount of water. Under normal pressure and temperature conditions, part of the water is gradually absorbed by the chemical reactions of hydration of the cement grains.

The rest of the water will have to evaporate naturally thanks to the wind or the sun, in particular through condensation. The curing of the concrete plays the role of regulation as long as the normal temperature and pressure conditions are not always present.

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