What Is Automatic Backup

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What Is Automatic Backup

Automatic backup is a form of data backup strategy in which data is backed up and stored from a local network/system to a backup facility with little or no human involvement. Automating the backup process really does save time and the complexity required to manually backup a computer, network or even an IT environment. 

Backups that are performed automatically can assist to lessen the chances of a mistake in a certain situation. Backups of active files, databases, virtual machines, and other programme on a regular basis can help with disaster recovery and, as a result, good business continuity. In other words, backup software that automates the entire backup process is generally used to enable automatic backup. Automatic backup often begins with an administrator configuring the systems or networks that need to be backed up. 

Data and programmes from the specified device are automatically copied, transported over the network, and saved on the backup device once the backup device is configured. Within the backup programme, the administrator only needs to define the kind and time of the automatic backup. 

Unwanted problems can be solved using automated backup, in which the backup engine is set to conduct specified tasks at specific times. When making backups, especially those that occur immediately, such as hourly backups, the firm should consider network bandwidth and processing overhead. 

The recovery point objective (RPO) is an additional essential statistic for many organizations. With a lower RPO value, your company will have to back up data more regularly. Backups that are automated might assist you adhere to the RPOs that have been agreed on by the management. 

Many data management applications benefit from automation. Although manual backups are still possible, the availability of automation to automate the backup process provides significant benefits to businesses. 

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Best Automation Backup in Malaysia 

There are some companies that offer this service of automated backup here in Malaysia but the most popular is the Alpha Backup Support. Founded in 2013, Alpha Support Group (M) Sdn Bhd started with bringing in different skilled individuals with comprehensible technical skills and expertise in a wide variety of IT fields together. 

It comes with ZFS which makes them the best automation backup in Malaysia. The ZFS is an innovative file system, and it’s not like any other file systems. The ZFS also gathers the attributes of a file system and the volume manager. 

With their main goals is “To establish a nationwide network of eminent computer professionals who, through years of experience, proficient skills, and efficient training, are capable of dealing with the needs of business and home computer users, and who, with collective mutual support, can transform into the most preferred service provider in computer and business technology at all times.”  

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