What Are The Solutions For Roof Repair?

a7 - What Are The Solutions For Roof Repair?

What Are The Solutions For Roof Repair?

In everyday life, roofs often leak, which can lead to mouldy walls and peeling paint or wallpaper.

If there is a leak in the roof, then we need to find the leak first, usually from high to low, check whether there are cracks in the roof, whether the waterproofing layer is ageing, whether the waterproofing effect is still there, and whether there are bubbles in the waterproofing membrane. If you find a large number of air bubbles inside the waterproofing membrane, then this indicates that water has entered the waterproofing layer of the roof and the leak is serious. In addition, we need to check that the roof guttering is not blocked. For tiled houses in rural areas, a leaky roof simply requires replacement of the tiles.

If you have a large roof leak or a large number of roof leaks, then we can ask a professional repairer to visit your home to check if there are cracks in the roof, and after dealing with the cracks, lay the appropriate waterproofing membrane on the roof. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of your home’s waterproofing, you can also lay insulation boards on the roof. Generally speaking, insulation boards can be more than 0.2m thick, so they not only have a good waterproofing effect, but also have a certain thermal insulation effect.

a8 - What Are The Solutions For Roof Repair?

In addition to a leak in the roof, the wall is also leaking, then a professional will use a hanging basket. If the wall has a large crack, then repair it with a plug; conversely, if the gap is small, then use glass glue. It is important to note that roof leak repairs should be carried out when the roof is dry to avoid losing the effectiveness of the waterproofing work.

If the house was not previously waterproofed, then the leaky part of the roof will need to be cut out, cleaned and then poured with asphalt. If the house was waterproofed, the waterproofing should be removed and redone, with a reinforcement layer at the junction with the original waterproofing.

If a building with concrete tiles also has a leaky roof, then we need to remove the moss or grass from the tiles or replace them. Once a roof has leaked, it should not be delayed, but solved as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause mould on the walls.

If you are still confused about the roof leak of the house, you can contact the agency of roof repair malaysia, RGS for consultation. 

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