Travel With A New Born Baby

sleep routines for newborns - Travel With A New Born Baby

Travel With A New Born Baby

Steps to Take When Travelling with New Born

Travel With A New Born Baby - Travel With A New Born Baby

Having a young baby can sometimes be an anxious time for parents, but what about when you begin to think about holidays? Perhaps you have always travelled abroad, but now you’ve suddenly got a small addition to your family, that trip suddenly seems rather daunting. This needn’t be the case, as many people take babies abroad on holiday every year. The secret of a successful break lies in planning ahead; this way you will not forget anything important and particularly if you are flying, where weight is an issue -you could spare yourself the agony of taking everything but the kitchen sink!


One of the first things to remember is that you can no longer put any child on to your passport. They must now have their own from day one. For children under 16 years of age you must purchase a 5-year Passport. It is important to have good quality photographs of your baby, without you in it. Babies under one year of age do not need to have their eyes open, but they must not have soothers, or toys with them.

One way of taking a photo is to place a white towel over a child’s car seat and place your child in it. You do not need to use a photo booth for the photos photo-developing shops will sometimes take passport photos, or photo studios. Failing that you could take them yourself. As regard to Visas, it is best to check with your tour operator beforehand. It is also worth remembering that particularly if you are travelling during peak times you must apply for the passport in plenty of time.

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Depending on where you are travelling to, it is always best to check with your doctor’s surgery if you are unsure about the need for vaccinations, even if your child has had all the recommended ones up-to-date. Again you must do this in plenty of time before your trip.

First Aid Kit

Although you can quite often buy these products at a local chemist, or Pharmacy abroad unless you are going off the beaten track it is always a good idea to have these items on hand in case you need them in the night, and particularly where such things as pain relief are concerned, the sooner you can administer a dose, if required, the better. You should carry with you infant pain relief, a thermometer, an antiseptic cream, a antihistamine cream, a mosquito repellent and tweezers in case of splinters. If you do buy any products abroad, do make sure that they are suitable for infants.

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Safety In the Sun

Judi Togel – If you are going to a hot country, remember that children under a year old should not be exposed to the sun. This doesn’t mean that they cannot go in it, but they must be completely protected. A good SPF 30, or total block should be packed, along with a good wide brimmed sunhat to cover the ears and shade the face.

Swimwear, water wings and/or swim pants are a must also, if you plan to take them swimming. Many companies now make special UV protective clothing, which is great for the hot weather. Loose fitting cotton clothing is also great for keeping your baby cool and comfortable. Finally a parasol for your buggy will help aid a daytime nap, or a stroll in the sun.


Once opening your case to pack, it is all too easy to feel like putting the entire contents of your baby’s wardrobe in after all babies can make a mess and you never know how many outfits you may require in a day! Firstly, it will obviously depend on what type of holiday you are planning, what the climate is like and how long you are planning on going for. A good idea is to pack one outfit for every day of the holiday, but you can mix and match, so 14 days does not necessarily mean that you have to take 14 outfits.

You can always take Travel Wash with you and wash some baby clothes out. Some places may have washing facilities; so you could wash everything after the first week of a two-week holiday- so take some large plastic bags with you. If you are going to a hot country, you will only need cool cotton clothing and perhaps something to go over the top for when you are out during the evening in case the temperature drops.

Following the above tips, you can make your travel and vacation with a newborn just as pleasant as if you were alone – the important thing is to be prepared! Daftar Togel

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