Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

tokyo - Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

We got the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. A truly awesome city! So if you are planning to go there to support your home country in the pursuit of victory, why not stop around and check out the places that make Tokyo an awesome place. 

So here are the 10 things you can do in Tokyo for the Olympics!

Take in Gorgeous Views on top the Sky Tree

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The Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest building in all of Japan, standing at 634 metres. Completed in 2008, the Sky Tree serves as a both and observation and broadcasting tower and has become an iconic landmark in the city. 

It’s design and architectural brilliance will really make you awestruck. And the view? Breathtaking. You will be able to get a good look at Tokyo’s beautiful skyline and all of Tokyo Bay.You will even be able to see the mighty Mount Fuji in the distance, sitting there with it’s snow capped top.

You can visit both the observation deck which lies 350m above or the gallery which is 450m.

So why not head over to the website and get yourself a ticket to skip the long ticketing queues.

Collect all things anime in Akihabara

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The district of Akihabara has cemented itself as the go to place for anyone deep into all things anime and otaku culture. So if there are any fans of anime and manga reading this, Akihabara is a must see!

From maid cafes, to comic stores to large conventions and cosplay, this place will surely impress you with its bright colours and lights. 

Akihabara is where you can also get all sorts of paraphernalia such as figurines, toys and all sorts of collectibles, so if you are planning on shopping there, and you are a fan of anime, then make sure you make some space in your bag!

Get some sushi FRESH

toyosu fish market tsukiji move tokyo food restaurants report travel tourist sites tourism 21 - Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

A fan of sushi? Well you are in luck because down at the Toyosu Fish market, you can obtain the freshest of the fresh for you nigiri and sashimi platter. There are restaurants and stalls available there for you to check out!

Get your drink on at in Omoide Yokocho

Omoide Yokocho 001 3x4 - Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

It’s name translates to Memory Lane, but it has also earned another nickname, ‘Piss Alley’. Now don’t be deterred by its name, Memory Lane is the perfect place to get beers and sake, along with chowing down on some delicious food! It’s beautiful atmosphere at night makes it a perfect place for dates too!

Get Crazy partying in Shibuya

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If you are the person who likes to head over to night clubs, then make your way down to the Shibuya district and get a taste of the Tokyo Nightclub Scene.

You can choose to go underground and dance to mixes in a DJ bar, or you can go up all the way to the rooftop bars, sipping on cocktails.

Or perhaps you can experience the famous Shibuya crossing, the busiest in the world! 

tokyo shibuya crossing 194379 1024x683 - Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

There is plenty to do here in this awesome neighborhood. Perhaps you can even watch the Olympics in one of the many bars in the area, if you are feeling lucky, maybe place some bets in online casinos in Singapore to while your at it!

Play Mario Kart, IN REAL LIFE.

mario karting in tokyo 3 - Things to do in Tokyo during the Olympics

In Tokyo, there is a way you can experience the city like no other, on Go-Carts, but not just any regular ones! These Go-Cart tours are inspired by the famous Nintendo game, Mario Kart. The Go-Carts themselves are custom made to look like the ones from the game too and you can even dress up as one of the characters! Truly something unique to check out while you are there!

And those are the 6 things you can check out in Tokyo during the Olympics!

So if you are planning to go, make sure you get yourself some good travel insurance!

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