Services for rig lay-up and preservation

ship preservation solutions in Malaysia

Services for rig lay-up and preservation

Rig lay-up and preservation services happen tailored to the clients’ needs in order to avoid the rig as well as its equipment from deteriorating too quickly. These preservation processes will be heavily influenced by whether a corporation has to warm or cold stack its assets.

For preservation stacking preparation, conduct a pre-stacking research.

  • Warming up the stacks (contract ready)
  • Stacking in the cold (dead vessel)
  • Precautionary measures
  • Maintenance
  • Reactivation and recommissioning

Software for stacking management and re-commissioning

The ship preservation solutions in Malaysia asset preservation programme has two purposes, one of which is to reduce the company’s financial risk while new revenue streams are being sought. At the same time, the assets are protected, guaranteeing that the equipment’s complete “life cycle” may be realized and, as a result, the unit and assets are returned to duty in the shortest possible time. 

Warm or cold stacking an asset depends on the client’s business goals, although assets are typically warm stacked if possible work is expected in the next 12 months, or if the customer has specific considerations, such as smaller enterprises or specialized companies focused on newer assets.

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Clients are more inclined to cold stack their assets when no foreseeable activity is expected in the following 12 months; older assets may even be taken out of service permanently due to the high expenses of reactivation.

General advice on lay-up situations to extensive inspections, as well as the formulation and implementation of lay-up standards and procedures, are all part of the stacking services. The unique software supports the supervision of the lay-up process, periodic maintenance, and re-commissioning, allowing clients to observe all actions in real time from the start of the lay-up process through the planned re-commissioning of the units.

Ship preservation solutions in Malaysia have developed complete packages as a consequence of client requests over the last 12 months, offering clients with preservation solutions that are suited to their specific requirements. Malaysian ship preservation solutions as a full-service supplier with a focus on re-activation during the preservation process.

Why are ship preservation solutions required in Malaysia?

With nearly 20 years of experience in rig inspections, rig commissioning, project management, hazardous area equipment inspections and management, electrical installation, and maintenance, Ship Preservation Solutions in Malaysia is recognized as one of the most respected and accomplished global companies in the industry. In addition, ship preservation solutions in Malaysia have one of the industry’s most advanced, cutting-edge technical training facilities in Malaysia. The preservation and stacking of drilling units as well as offshore facilities used to be considered as a usual evolution from the company’s extensive expertise of rig and marine equipment previously. When paired with a comprehensive planning and software package (project stack), ship preservation solutions in Malaysia provide the full package.

While stacking is a large task, it is a straightforward procedure. The reactivation procedure, on the other hand, is amongst the most difficult tasks for clients. With well over 100 projects in rig commissioning and repeated reactivations, Malaysian ship preservation solutions specializes in this area.

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