Make Sure You Have mont kiara property

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Make Sure You Have mont kiara property

As you choose the mont kiara property you can make all kinds of checks before purchase. Check the fixtures, if they are to be redone you will have to consider the cost, which in any case can be deducted up to 60% with the current rules. Check the heating system or the boiler if the heating is autonomous: is it new or should it be changed?

Consider the noise and if there are busy streets nearby: especially if you are on the lower floors, you may more easily hear the noises coming from the street.

Check the current state of the mont kiara new condo: does the facade have visible cracks or has any renovations been done? Are renovations needed?

Consider the renovation costs of the property or mont kiara apartment: these will significantly affect the purchase price of the house.

Documents to be requested from the owner

If the house has passed the visit brilliantly, you can move on to the next step and ask the private seller for the documentation of the property which you will have to carefully analyze to verify that everything is in order.

When buying a house from a private individual, the documents to be requested include:

  • Floor plan and cadastral survey of the property
  • Deed of provenance of the property
  • Usability / Habitability (not binding for purchase purposes)
  • Prospectus of the condominium installments
  • Last meetings and resolutions of the condominium

The floor plan is filed with the land registry while the survey shows the cadastral identifiers of the property or the Sheet, the Particle and the Subaltern.

You can easily check if the documents provided by the owner are up to date by making an online cadastral survey.

The deed of provenance of the property will allow you to know if the current owner has come into possession of the property as a result of the sale, succession, donation or disposal of an institution.

The documents of the house also allow you to know if the property has a surface right and if it can be sold at the free market price or if it is necessary to postage in order to resell it.

How much to negotiate on the price

With the economic crisis that has affected the real estate sector in recent years, negotiating on the price when buying a house has now become an established practice. In general, house prices continue to fall and we will have this trend until 2020 according to what experts in the sector tell us.

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