Key Strategies to Ace Your A-Level

Key Strategies to Ace Your A-Level

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Many people think that A-level is hard and it is designed only for genius students who strike a flying colors result. Aren’t you tired of this stereotype? If you are considering of applying for A-level, you are probably aware of its popular reputation for being difficult. 

If you want to apply for it but were too scared to do so, rather than thinking about how difficult it is, you should start preparing yourself to ace your A-level. Here, we will help you to understand everything that you need to know about A-level and how to prepare for your exam. 

What Exactly is A-Level?

A-level is a pre-university programme offered in Malaysia based on the UK education system. Or better known as GCE Advanced Level. You can take this course after completing your SPM or before pursuing you study and taking a course at university. The program is 15 to 24 months long, depending on the time you choose to start your studies.

A-Level in Malaysia is administered by two examination boards-the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel. Most colleges in Malaysia offer the Cambridge International A-level (CIE) program as opposed to the Edexcel program.

The format of A-level exam may look the same as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). However, unlike SPM where students usually take 9 subjects for the examination, A-level requires you to take at least 3 subjects only. 

You may think that A-level is too easy to score since you will need to score for only 3 subjects. No, you are wrong. A-Level is indeed a difficult course in general just like what people have been saying, as it requires you to analyze and apply logical thinking while answering exam questions. However, with the right key strategies and early preparation, it is not impossible for you to score a flying colours result.

A-Level Preparation

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  1. Start an Early Preparation

Early preparation is the key for your success. Since a-level is 100% exam-based, you will need to start your revision as early as you can. The earlier your revision starts, the better. You might think you can do a last minute revision since it is only 3 subjects examination. Not only would this strategy backfire you, but it’s also nearly impossible to condense your whole A-Level syllabus into a series of brief cram sessions of revision just weeks before your exam. You will need to revise all of these syllabus months before your actual exam starts. 

  1. Study Smart

Study smart, not study hard. Have you ever heard someone saying this before? Indeed, this is a great advice. In any examination in general, you will need to have a strategic study plan to secure your A’s. Manage your time wisely and create your own study schedule. You do not have to follow any examples of study schedule on the internet. Do it based on your own ability and convenience. Plan your study schedule, set your learning objectives and understand your own study phase. With this tips, you will be able to prepare for your A-level without feeling stress.

  1. Apply for Extra Class if Needed

It is true that some people who have taken A-level does not apply for any extra class or tuition. But it does not deny the fact that tuition class can help you a lot in preparing your A-level examination. Extra classes can help you to understand more about the subjects and most of the a-level tuition centre will provide you with a lot of exercises for you to improve your learning process. You can search for A-level tuition Malaysia for more information on how they can help you achieve your desired results. 

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