Internet Services That Provides You Broadbands

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Internet Services That Provides You Broadbands

Do you know that the internet has been upgraded into the fibre category? Which allows us to bring it anywhere like a convertible with the help of broadband that you can get through your internet service provider’s package. I know right, with these current technologies where virtual realities that exist in this world  are definitely not going to surprise you, if you are able to bring your own internet anywhere around the globe. 

But how though? Well, the answer is simple, with the help of an internet provider company,  we are able to now have a small portable modem, which some people call broadband to bring it with us anywhere we want, so that we would get an uninterrupted data connection. How cool is that right?

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But where can we find these deals and offers? Well in today’s topic, we are going to look at deals that are being offered by internet service providers.


Celcom is a well known internet service provider company in Malaysia. This company is known for its prepaid, postpaid and also for its unlimited internet service. This is a reason that many Malaysian pick celcom over any other isp’s over the market due to its strategic marketing plan of offering unlimited internet limit to its subscribers. 

  • Maxis

Maxis is also another internet service provider in Malaysia, which always promotes plans and deals at a lower rate compared to other ISPs out there. This company gives a lot of bytes of internet for its customers by reducing the amount of how it should cost. In other words, more discounts. But this network is also a well known network in Malaysia, because this company was the first internet streaming network to upgrade itself into the fiber era, which then was followed by other internet service providing networks.

  • Digi

Digi on the other hand is thriving in the internet market by providing low payment offers in order to attract its customers. Digi plans are mostly used by students, due to its monthly payment which is considered low and affordable to many students who need a personal internet connection. This company also has the digi postpaid plan and digi postpaid plan for 45 gb that has been offered at a low cost in order to gain more subscribers to their network.  The digi fibre plan actually requires the subscriber to pay about RM75 a month to make use of this plan.

  • Unifi

Unifi on the other hand is also a beloved internet network that has been adored by Malaysians for many years. This network has never stopped in impressing people with their affordable and worth paying plans. This service provides a larger GB to it’s subscriber at a low rate. And due to that, the majority of people subscribing to this ISP is not something to be surprised of. They also provide free cable connection to people who subscribe to their special package.

With that being said, if you are someone who is looking for a unlimited internet connection that would offer broadband planning as well, then try checking out the unifi fibre coverage from jom apply, to get your personal internet plan right now!

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