Interesting Activities To Do In Malaysia

Interesting Activities To Do In Malaysia

Interesting Activities To Do In Malaysia

If you’re in Malaysia during the pandemic, you must be feeling bored. Although things seem bleak, we are here to help you out in this time of need. If you’re at home and wondering, what can Malaysia offer you when everything is so boring, we’ve got a list for you to hold on to. When the pandemic dies down or when things get better you can visit these places and thank us for the solutions later. Rest assured we tried very hard looking into these suggestions and have filtered out the mediocre tourist spots. So here it is, the most interesting activities Malaysia has got to offer this year.

First of all, Malaysia is known for their rainforests. If you’re in Malaysia, you should go to a nearby rainforest. Take a deep breath and take a hike there. Since Malaysia is at the equator, we are blessed with lush rainforests such as the Amazon. Not many countries can produce coconuts or palm oil the way we do although we do have amazing competitors. If you think you can handle the rainforests, wait till you meet the mosquitoes. Since we’re a tropical country, we’re also well-known for our mosquitoes and fruits. scuba packages malaysia are among those fruits you can also get from here and are a delicacy even among the locals. Just don’t say anything bad about the fruit as the backlash is as thorny as the fruit.

Next is scuba diving. Known for many diving packages malaysia is known for its islands. There you can see the many coral reefs that the locals try to conserve and protect throughout the ages. Among the islands famous for their scuba diving at Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Sipadan and Pulau Tioman. Even the locals are very fond of these islands. Foreigners too flock these islands during their summer vacations to take a peek into the exclusive coral reefs and fishes Malaysia has to show off for. There are many turtles swimming around these islands carefree which goes to show they’ve not been harmed although they were near humans.

Furthermore, Malaysia is known for their nightlife. We may not be as fancy as our American counterparts but we do know how to support our local businessmen as well. If you’re in Malaysia, something we encourage you to do, is to visit our night markets. Night markets are where the soul food is located. All the hearty food made by the locals are located in this place. Malaysia is well-known for its night market just like Thailand. Support your local night market when you can now to ensure they make it through the pandemic.

Finally, if you’re in Malaysia you should also visit the Caves in Malaysia. Have you heard about Niah Caves? Well, Malaysia has so many caves for everyone to visit. Though the caves are quite underrated, they are amongst the unique offerings Malaysia has. Another well-known cave everyone raves on is Batu Caves. Batu Caves is a cave that is very big and hosts the annual Thaipusam festival. There are other caves in the country as well but none as famous as Batu Cave due to the fact a festival is hosted there yearly.

Now that you’ve come this far, we encourage you to visit these places once the pandemic calms down. We hope you enjoyed our list and go to these popular spots soon. Remember to socially distance and wear masks for now though and support our front liners till this pandemic is over.

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