How To Know That You Are A Successful Influencer

How To Know That You Are A Successful Influencer

How To Know That You Are A Successful Influencer
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In this modern era’s social environment, influencers are the heart and soul of this current generation. They dwell in the world of social media and they are first and foremost one of the most prestigious “social stamps” that is pursued by numerous youngsters in this current generation. These bunch of people are highly popular, unique in their own kind of way, gorgeously appealing and most of them are quite respected. There are many types of influencers such as beauty influencers, lifestyle influencers, health influencers, sex influencers, gaming influencers and many more. However, how does one differentiate a successful influencer with the unsuccessful ones? There are binary mlm plan that can help individuals point out those that are successful, the indicators are:

How Many Followers They Have

One of the deciding votes an influencer is successful or not is the number of followers they have on the big three social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. These so-called “followers” determine the reach of his or her influence and define their popularity in the social media environment. Followers will also work as a booster for the influencer because they help these influencers become popular by sharing, love or save the influencers’ posts. Therefore, followers are surely one of the elements that makes an influencer successful.

The Number Of Reactions (likes or shares)

There are two types of followers – the active ones and the passive ones. The active followers are people that follow the influencer willingly without any other external forces. This type of followers will like, share or react towards the individual automatically. While the other type, the passive ones, are those that are bought by an individual to just follow them. This kind of followers will only follow the individual without even giving any reaction to the influencer. Those that are mostly followed by the passive ones will be deemed as a failed influencer as they took the low road to fame and can be proven from the number of likes or other forms of reactions in the individual’s social media platform. This is why the number of the reaction is important, because they separate the influencers.


Receiving an award is how an individual or group is acknowledged to be successful. This rule also applies to influencers, there are a lot of awards out there be it nationally (i.e. Social Media Awards Malaysia) or internationally (i.e. Social Media Awards Asia). There are several evaluations in every award, in the case of influencers, all of the abovementioned factors will be weighed in (along with other factors). Furthermore, there are votes that will be casted out in order for the influencer to win this award. That is why if the influencer has already received an award then it is safe to say that he or she is a successful influencer.

All in all, successful influencers could be subjective, this article only points it out through the objective point of view. Being successful does not always mean this influencer is better than the others. Successful influencers can also share more negativity compared to the positive aspects. i=Therefore, it is best to filter in their influence and decide which one is preferable. If influencing isn’t for you try selling the binary MLM plan.

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