Good food you can find in Selangor

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Good food you can find in Selangor

Living in a country with multiracials can have a lot of benefits, such as varieties of food. Malay, Indian and Chinese have their own cultures and foods that you can find around Malaysia. Malaysian people themselves love food. They get crazy about food. If there is a place known for their great food, that place will have so many customers and these people do not mind lining up for a long time just so that they can eat. Usually, these foods are also unquestionable, no wonder the attention and celebration they get are amazing. I am sure you guys are wondering, where are all these places? Not to worry and have some patience. In this article, you will get to know where and what do these restaurants offer.

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   The first place that serves good food is Asap Steamboat and Grill in Puchong. Asap Steamboat and Grill offer a variety of seafood and other foods for your steamboat and grill. This place is stunningly beautiful at night as their restaurant is an open area with soft lights decorates the intermodal container. You are allowed to take as many foods you want and enjoy the rest with your families. The place is not amazing the interior but also for the ambience, they are trying to give for their customers. Apart from all these things, the management and service their workers give to the customers are also great in many ways. Therefore, if you are looking for a good and unique steamboat and grill, you can call to make reservations or you can also walk-in, usually on the weekdays it is not fully booked.

   Another place that is known for its best food is Meat Cartel BBQ in Setia Alam. If you are a meat lover, this place is for you. Meat Cartel BBQ serves a slow-smoked BBQ with an American style, which gives you the best “low and slow” meat. You can find this shop in Eco Ardence. Eco Ardence is a newly established place with a lot of other good options of restaurant that you can find such as Andra Gula Cakery as well. Andra Gula Cakery is famous for its cakes and desserts. After getting something to eat there, can enjoy and walk around Eco Ardence with soft winds and a beautiful view of the lake accompanied by good company. 

   Last but not least, other than the food, you can also get this popular coconut shake in Gombak. It is located in Kampung Gombak Indah, Batu Caves. For example, if you are looking for a condo for sale Gombak, and while looking you can drop by this stall and get yourself this delicious coconut shake. It has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google, with reviews for people for its reasonable prices and variety of coconut shakes.

   To conclude, Malaysia is always known not only for the skyscrapers and attraction but also for their foods and cultures. There are also other good foods that you can find in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur that you can find. Make sure to find the reviews and look through opening hours and busy hours, so you can avoid being around a lot of people and save valuable time. 

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