Garden Makeover: Transform Your Backyard

Ara Damansara

Garden Makeover: Transform Your Backyard

The outside of the home speaks just as loud as the inside does. Take pride in the outer appearance of the house. It has the potential to further improve the value of your house if you plan on selling it too. Therefore, when it comes to the backyard, treat it as a priority. The garden may seem like a tedious task to look into, but really it is one that can be rewarding if done properly. With the following suggestions we aim to take your garden from drab to glam and get you looking your best either for an open house showing or for yourself. The backyard can be an expensive venture, but the investment is a long lasting one that is worthwhile.

Invest In Good Care For Your Greenery

Taking care of your grass is a starting point. Water it as often as you can and keep it well trimmed. In the springtime, you will find it healthy and green. For extra assistance you can add compost or fertilizer to add more nutrients. If you have flowers, add mulch to the beds when you water them. The mulch helps keep the moisture locked in for longer. Mulch is easy to make, with twigs, dead leaves and grassese. Some include rotting fruit in the mix for extra nutrition. Take care of your plants and prune your hedges as needed if you have them. Trees as well may need trimming or ‘lollipopping’ on occasion and it can help keep the tree healthier.

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Try Accessorising Your Backyard

If you enjoy relaxing in your backyard, you can add a bench and table to make it more comfortable. Others like to put in a patio for fires and braais or a place to chat with friends and family. A gazebo is also a great addition for the hot summer times after a  swim or a walk, or simply to get some of that summer air in your lungs. These ornamental structures come in variety and thus you can find different designs and sizes to suit your budget. Turn your backyard into just as cozy a spot as the rest of your home. Accentuate the garden with arches that have creeping vines or flower pots hanging from them. The creative elements to include in your garden are endless.

Consider Adding Stone Or Wood

As mentioned previously, the backyard has a character of its own that is an extension of your home. A house in Ara Damansara can accommodate a spacious backyard that can easily markup the price of your home. Wood and stone are great elements to add to your backhouse, whether as ornaments or as structures. For instance, many like to add stone walls to the yard or wooden features around their trees and plants, whether they are benches or they are flower boxes.

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