Everyone must be active in sports

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Everyone must be active in sports

Without knowing it, sport is a must in our lives. You need to exercise and do some sport in order to maintain a healthy life. Nowadays, people tend to skip their exercise routine and their sports routine because they are too busy with their work at the office. People are too busy working from early in the morning until late evening and even sometimes skip their meals because they do not have time for it. Sport is something important in our life. Everyone must love even one sport in their life. One loves badminton because of the tense games and one can love football because of the fighting spirit amongst the fans. If we ask anyone about it, they will definitely have at least one sport that they love so much. One can spend the whole night awake watching a football match until they skip their sleep that night. Even in sport, there is science behind it. Sport is not only about how to play it or how to win the game, but it is also to maintain or create a healthy life for ourselves. There is a lot of “kerjaya dalam bidang sains sukan” in our country without we all know about it. 

Why is the sport itself important for ourselves and everyone must even do the sport at least once every single month? The sport itself actually is different from the exercise. Exercise itself is just some simple movement for our body sweating. You do not need sport to do the exercises but you have to do the exercises before you start doing sport. Exercises in sport are more for the warm-up session for the athlete in order to avoid injuries while they are playing the game. You need to do the exercises every single time you want to do some sport. On the other hand, it will benefit you more because your body will get more ready for the sport. A normal person also needs to do at least one sport in their daily life. If one can make a sport their routine, it is better because it will give benefit to themselves. A normal person also needs to create some time in order for them to do the sport because if they always skip it or never done it before, it will only give harm to their body. Only working to find money either for ourselves or for our family is not a good thing. You must exercise and do some sport or join a sports organization sometimes in order to create a healthy life in our society. You also can convince anyone to join you and do the same things as you do. Doing exercises and sports in our life will make our bodies more energetic and able to create something new than before because we have to train our bodies for it. 

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Last but not least, you just need to do at least one sport in your life. If you are able to more than one sport because you are a talented person, then do it. It is worth it and it will only give you a lot of benefits in the future.

Pat Soto
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