Considerations To Keep In Mind For Exterior Glass Walls

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Considerations To Keep In Mind For Exterior Glass Walls

What comes to your mind when we say exterior glass walls? 

Perhaps windows and more windows. The light streaming through the huge living room with a big glass window. 

You’re definitely somewhat right!

Glass walls are not necessarily just windows. They are made of windows but they can be panels and a combination of glass doors even. Glass walls can transform your entire house. It can make your house vibrant, beautiful and turn it into an optimistic space. You can also choose to have glass walls for your study or work-from-home office. Your work productivity may increase and boost up as a result of the huge change. 

But what should we and others who install glass partition wall Malaysia, keep in mind? 

There are a lot of external considerations we should take note of before actually laying the groundwork.

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Hot and Humid 

If you are living in a country like Malaysia, or Maldive, or Indonesia, You might need to rethink the type of glass wall you are installing.  A standard glass wall may not be a good idea for where UV rays are glaring through the glass. This is harmful to you and may put you at risk for many diseases such as Skin cancer. UV glasses can be implemented in such homes. These glass walls allow only certain wavelengths to pass through and can bounce off the UV rays. These glasses are also functional at controlling the amount of infrared light passing through. We refer to this as heat. Having an extra hot home or office is never a good idea. 

Extreme Cold 

Glass walls must also be equipped for the extremely cold weather we live in. Homeowners in colder regions such as Canada prefer insulated or double panes glass walls. They are efficient at making sure your windows do not freeze your home. A well-insulated glass wall ensures the layer won’t freeze up the inside of your home. 

Maximum Energy Efficiency 

Standard glass walls or glazed walls are not always energy efficient. When considering a glass wall for your home, make sure you choose an energy-efficient wall.  Energy-efficient walla will decrease your electricity bill and you will be thankful for the installation. 

Framing For The Paranomic View 

What is your main purpose for installing a glass wall? Is it to watch your children play in the backyard? Or you want the panoramic view of the Malaysian landscape from your home? Or maybe you have a beach right in front but you want to see it from your home as well? Or maybe somedays you simply want some light. Whatever reason you have for the installation, you need to make sure the location is optimal. It should be functional and also complement your panoramic view. If your glass wall is simply for decorative purposes, of course, you want it to be placed in the most pleasing position of the home. Some may consider the living room while others may consider the balcony of their three-story home. 

Make your home function, beautiful, aesthetic with your options for a glass wall. 

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