Better internet: 05 advantages of Empire Telecom broadband

Modem wire connecting to earth - Better internet: 05 advantages of Empire Telecom broadband

Better internet: 05 advantages of Empire Telecom broadband

Anyone looking for broadband wants the best internet possible for their economic profile. But when it comes to evaluating, it is common to be lost in the midst of so much information.

Speed, type of connection, cable, fiber optics, these are some of the factors that need to be analyzed when choosing an operator.

Check out what these advantages are and choose the right broadband for you!

1. Plans for all profiles

Internet of 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 Megs, with plans for different profiles and pockets with the same quality standard in each one.

If you just want the internet to access social networks, send emails and solve everyday things, there is a connection that will suit your needs very well.

If you need much more than that, you can safely choose the ultra-fast and cost-effective plans.

2. It is with optical fiber?

You may not know it, but the type of connection and the technology used by the operator make all the difference in the quality of the internet, both in speed and in the connection signal itself.

If you no longer want to purchase services that go down at any moment or don’t even reach your total speed, you need a fiber optic broadband.

The optical fiber is made of a material immune to electromagnetic waves that preserves the stability of the signal and further enhances the speed of your internet.

3. Empire has no filters or franchises

Filters are tools that some operators have that work by blocking some web content from a computer or network. The purpose of this practice is to charge more for access to certain content.

4. Internet with symmetric band

Internet service that offers symmetric bandwidth. This feature allows the customer to download and upload at the same speed.

With tm unifi Malaysia you will have no problems with upload speed, let alone download. From the moment you hire the broadband, whatever the speed plan, it will be the speed that your uploads will be made.

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