Best Places for Palace in London

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Best Places for Palace in London

London Travel - Best Places for Palace in London

Before talking about some best places for Palace in London, it will be better if you know about London city first. London is the famous city in Europe. This city is the center of capital in United Kingdom. This is a monarch with a queen. There are many destinations spot in this city. If you are come to this city, you will enjoy the beautiful and amazing panorama. There is a stunning Buckingham Palace, and then there is Hampton Palace, in another side there is Green Park.

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All of those places can make mostly tourist come to UK. Not only that, London also famous as the fashion city. There are many of popular fashion brand in this City. But, for sure the price is not cheap. All of original brands are sold here. That’s why many people come to this city to spend their time and their money also. If you want to know more about some interesting palaces on London, this article is able to be your reference. In this occasion you will be know about some travel destinations in London. Check it out.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the most famous palace in United Kingdom. This palace is in London city. This palace is the London residence and administrative headquarters of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. If you want to go to United Kingdom, don’t forget to make any plan to visit Buckingham Palace.

Hampton Court Palace

Same as Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace is also has historical story. Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in United Kingdom. This palace is very stunning and magical. Everyone who go to this place for sure will be feel amaze and speechless. One more thing, this palace is also close to Thames River. Thames River is a great river in London.

Green Park

If you want to go to Buckingham Palace, don’t forget to visit Green Park. This park is one of the royal parks of London. In this place you will able to watch the Buckingham Place. There are many beautiful spot in this Park. Not only that, Green Park able to make a romantic feel to everyone who visiting it. There are 40 acres of mature trees in this Park.

Well, some information about London travel above can be your guide if you want to visit this city by using the services of Batavia, known as Tiket Pesawat Murah. As the famous city London always give the best service for their tourist or visitors. If you are come there, you will get the fast service and amazing view.

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And then, the most important thing is; you will know some historical stories about United Kingdom and the Monarch. Because of the historical buildings are still wonderful and clean. Not only can enjoy amazing views, you will also able to shop in some shopping spot. For sure it is the original one. So, don’t be doubt to do it. Hopefully this article will able to increase your knowledge, more over about London travel. See you next time and good luck.

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