Benefit Student bring Handphone To School

Benefit Student bring Handphone To School

Benefit Student bring Handphone To School

In this era of technology, many people use handphones especially smartphones because it can do a lot of things such as taking pictures, taking video, call, message, and browse the internet. Time fibre internet is, it is necessary for students to bring a phone to school? Many parents and teachers worry to give permission to their children to bring smartphones to school. Well, it actually has its own pros and cons but today let’s focus on the benefit that students will get if they bring the phone to school.
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We can not predict the dangerous situation so if students can bring the phone to school, if anything happens to them, they can directly call anyone to help them. Many people will say “It is okay if they do not have a phone because they can still use a public phone or ask the teachers to help them”. The question is “What if there are none teachers and the public phone is broken?”.

Taking note
Some student is a slow learner and sometimes the teachers talk to fast and the students can not understand anything at all. If they have a smartphone, at least they can use the phone to take pictures of the note or record their teachers teaching in the class so if they do not understand about the topic or forget something, they can easily revise it back by watching the video.

As we all know, we can search for anything on the internet so if the student brings their phone to school they can directly search for anything that they did not know about because something it is really difficult to find books or articles at the library because it is non-computerized. Students also need to have a really good internet connection to do the research. They might want to use a
Time 100mbps that has a very affordable price but first, they need to check time broadband home fiber internet plan Malaysia. As we all know, time is one of the best time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia that you can get.

Keep track
Many students run away from school and hang out with their friends but say less now because when they have smartphones with them, their parents also teachers can track where they are. If they are missing from school at least we know where to find them.

Family contact number
Some students might have a really bad memory to memorize their parent’s number but now, they should not worry more because all the contact information has on their phone. Their teachers also can easily get the student’s parent’s number if they want to if they have something to talk about.

There are many more benefits that students will get if they bring the phone to school. Pretty sure that there are also cons but we must try to look at the other perspective which is the good side. If there is any school that you know not to allow students to bring the phone to school, you might want to talk to them about this because obviously, there are many good things that allow students to bring the phone to school.

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