Avant-Garde Living Room Ideas For You

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Avant-Garde Living Room Ideas For You

Are you bored with the design of the living room of your house in Pandan Indah? Do you get tired of seeing the walls that were last painted 5 years ago staring back at you whenever you are in the living room? It is never too late to change the position or remove certain items from your living room to create an aesthetic living room. We are sure that you would have instantly felt stressed the moment we said changing the design of your living room because you are thinking about the cost of refinishing and repainting your living room to fit your sense of style. Do not fret about it since we wrote this article to share with you some of the best avant-garde living room ideas that will provide a new outlook for your living room with affordable items. 

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Mix And Match Colours

We know that many of us are always worried about mixing and matching colours because of accidentally making an irreversible mistake that will create an eyesore kind of living room environment. This is where most of us are wrong. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching colours, however, the important part is doing it with the right colours. This is because the right colours will bring out the aesthetics of your living room and the pop of colours added will provide importance to the furniture added. White walls are the safest choice if you want to add colourful furniture to your living room. For example, if you have painted the walls in the living room white, you can add in a green sofa with oak coffee tables that blends well while the pop of colours added will provide a stylish outlook for your living room. Not only that, but you can also paint your living room walls blue and yellow while adding white furniture for a warm outlook. We are pretty sure that will turn out well for you. This emphasises that you should not worry about mixing and matching colours since without proper trial and error we will not find the right living room design for us. 

Add-In Personal Touches

To make your living room feel more personalised and reflect your relationship with others, you can add photographs that represent your happy memories in the living room. This will provide a personal touch in your sanctuary at home. Even if you are living alone, putting up photographs that remind you of your loved ones in the living room will provide you with a sense of comfort that even though you are far away from each other but you will also be close in the heart. You can get photo frames that not only match the theme of your living room but also something that is cheap from your nearest stores to put up these pictures either on the wall or on a table. 

Hopefully, this article has given you ideas on how you can recreate an avant-garde living room at home.

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