App For Parents To Monitor Their Children

children playing phone - App For Parents To Monitor Their Children

App For Parents To Monitor Their Children

In this era of technology, pretty sure many kids already got phones from their parents. It is actually good because they need to adapt to this era of technology but it is also not good because if they use it for too long it might damage their eyes and also their brain development. If the parents did not care about their children using the gadget their kids might suffer because they are too addicted to using the phone and it will lead them to lack of sleep and maybe have aggressive behavior. If you ask why it will lead to aggressive behavior. Well, actually when you do not observe your kids use the phone at all, they might download violent games or watch violent videos on the internet and are pretty sure you know that it will lead to negative behavior. Now, let’s move on to the app that parents always use to monitor their children because we all know that it is a bad thing for children to use gadgets for a long time. For more information, click here.

children watching tv - App For Parents To Monitor Their Children
  1. Parental Control – Screen Time and Location Tracker

This is one of the famous apps for parents to monitor their children. For your information, this app is developed by Screen Time Labs and this app has in-app purchases that cost around RM 5.46 to RM 54.56 per item and this app actually was released on 2 December 2020. This app also will request to access contact and storage. This app is available on IOS and android also is a perfect and best app for parents to download because it won the national parenting product award in 2019. 

  1. Net Nanny Parental Control App

This also a good app for parents to download because it was rated first by Tom’s Guide. For your information, the owner of this app is Content Watch Holding Inc and was released in November 2018. On this app, you can instantly report internet searches and stay alert if your kids watch content like pornography, drugs, weapons, suicide, or other inappropriate content. You are also able to lock your kid’s phone if you think they are on the time screen for too long. This app also will give you an app list that your children have used. The important thing is you can track your children for their safety because this app has a family search GPS to track where your children are. 

If your children play on their phones for too long you must consider these two apps for you to download because it will help you to limit their time on screen. You might also want to have your own app to monitor your family so if you like to do so you might want to hire any mobile development Malaysia company to create the app or you can click “learn more social media and marketing in Malaysia”. You also just want to learn more on Malaysia mobile app developers if you are interested in creating other apps for your family if you plan to do so. 

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